As a health club operator, PRAMA Australia Pty Ltd T/As FIT360 Interactive Fitness (“FIT360 Interactive Fitness”) needs a wide range of "personal information" in order to carry out its business. "Personal information" is essentially information from which you can be identified. This Privacy Policy explains FIT360 Interactive Fitness's approach to the handling of personal information, and how we comply with our privacy obligations.


FIT360 INTERACTIVE FITNESS (“we” or “us” or “our”) respects your privacy and we are committed to the protection of personal information. We follow the National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to let you know how we collect, use and disclose personal information.

What personal information does FIT360 Interactive Fitness collect and why?
FIT360 Interactive Fitness collects personal information from its members and from membership applicants, contractors, employees, and people we do business with.

FIT360 Interactive Fitness needs personal information: To illustrate, the personal information we collect about our members includes:
We need this personal information to provide health and fitness services, and is collected from application forms, and when members attend our clubs and communicate with us through our website.

We also collect:

- to provide its members with personalised fitness services (including assessments of physical fitness, health status and goals); and

- to conduct our business (eg to administer accounts, charge fees and to communicate with our members and business contacts).

- Identification Information, including each member's name, address, contact details (including telephone numbers and email address), and date of birth;

- Health information, including information provided on the pre-exercise questionnaire (that members complete upon becoming a member of FIT360 Interactive Fitness) and information we collect in the course of memberships. Health information is a sensitive form of personal information, so we only collect it with your consent, and we only collect what we need;

- Financial Information, including bank account details and credit card details, as well as information about payment or non-payment of membership fees.

- Business Contact Information from and about our suppliers and other people we do business with (eg our landlords). This information is needed so that we can manage our business; and,

- "Next of Kin" Information, which we collect from our members for use in the case of an emergency. We suggest that our members tell their next of kin that they have been nominated for this purpose.

How does FIT360 Interactive Fitness use personal information?
As indicated, we use personal information to provide fitness and health services, to manage and administer club memberships and to operate our business.
For example, if you are a member, we will use your personal information to process your membership application, charge you membership fees and administer your account. We will also use your personal information to communicate with you, including answering any enquires you may have.

Unless you tell us otherwise, we may also use members' personal information to mail out special promotions, newsletters and other marketing material.

For instance, FIT360 Interactive Fitness may mail its members information about its own promotions, or those offered by our business partners. If you don't want us to do this, we give you an opportunity to "opt out" from receiving such material on our Application Form. However, you can opt out at any time by contacting us (see details at section 8 below).

Does FIT360 Interactive Fitness share my personal information with anyone else?
FIT360 Interactive Fitness will disclose your personal information in a few different ways.
Like most businesses, sometimes we outsource or "contract out" specific support services from time to time, and this may mean that our contractors see your personal information. For instance, sometimes we may engage IT contractors to maintain our databases. All our contractors are subject to strict confidentiality obligations, which means that they are authorised only to use personal information in order to provide the services or to perform the functions required by us. We will disclose personal information if we are under a legal requirement to do so (eg under a court order, or if required under legislation), or if an authorised request is made from a law enforcement agency.
Otherwise, we will only disclose personal information with the consent of the relevant individuals. For example, if you are a member, with your consent (and only with your consent):
- we may provide personal information to FIT360 Interactive Fitness’s personal trainers to assist you to improve your fitness and wellbeing, and so they can advise you which fitness programs are suitable for you. If personal trainers are contractors (rather than FIT360 Interactive Fitness employees), their contracts with us require them to keep your personal information confidential. Of course, all our employees are required to keep your personal information confidential also; and
- we may disclose personal information to our business partners so that they can contact you directly with special offers, discounts or other membership benefits.

How can I access my Personal Information?
Privacy laws give you rights to seek access to the personal information we hold about you. You can seek access by writing to us (see contact details at section 8 below). Generally, we should be able to provide you with access within a month of your request, although we may need more time if your request is complicated. Ordinarily, FIT360 Interactive Fitness will not charge you for the cost of providing access to your personal information. However, if we do propose to charge you, we will advise you of the relevant charge before we provide you with access. We try to ensure that all the personal information that we hold about you is accurate, complete and up-to-date. However, we rely on you to help us with this. If you wish to update or correct the personal information we hold about you, please write to us. We will contact you if there is any issue about amending the record of personal information we hold about you. If you wish to discuss our method of providing access or correction to personal information, please contact us with your query.

Is my Personal Information kept secure?
FIT360 Interactive Fitness takes reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we hold is stored in a secure environment protected from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We remind our staff and contractors of the importance of storing personal information in a secure way, and to treat it like confidential information.

FIT360 Interactive Fitness only offers its health and fitness services to members, and it is not possible to become a member of FIT360 Interactive Fitness without providing FIT360 Interactive Fitness with the personal information that is requested in our application form and in our pre-exercise questionnaire.
We may be able to answer telephone questions without collecting personal information about you, but if you would like to use our club, we need your personal information. This is in everyone's interests (eg if you fall ill at our club, we need to know who you are).

Website/online privacy
As we also collect personal information through (our website), this Privacy Policy also outlines our approach to online privacy issues. In that context, it is to be read as forming part of the terms of use for our website.
Generally, FIT360 Interactive Fitness will handle personal information collected online consistently with the way that it handles personal information collected offline. Other matters specific to FIT360 Interactive Fitness’s handling of personal information online are set out below.

When you visit our website, we will not collect any personal information unless you chose to provide it to us (eg by sending us emails through our website). However, we may collect certain data that does not identify you (sometimes called "web log information") when you visit certain pages, such as the type of browser and operating system you have. We may also use "cookies" which are small files that are stored on your computer and that manage the security and navigation process of the site. You can choose to block these cookies but some portions of the site may not function correctly if you do. This type of data is collected for statistical purposes only, and while cookies will identify your computer, they are unlikely to identify you personally.

Email/SMS marketing
We will not email or SMS you marketing material unless you have consented to this. This is a requirement of the Spam Act 2003. Further, you can unsubscribe from our e-newsletter or other bulletins by using the "unsubscribe" facility contained in each electronic publication we send.

Site security policy
Our website uses up-to-date technology to maximise the security of your personal information.

Contact details and other information
If you have any queries or concerns about privacy or this Privacy Policy, you can either provide a written request or complaint to our club, or you can contact our Privacy Officer as follows:
by letter: Privacy Officer, FIT360 Interactive Fitness, PO Box 440, Edge Hill, Qld, 4870;
by telephone: 1300 FIT360; or
by email via our contact form.

This Privacy Policy applies to PRAMA Australia Pty Ltd t/As FIT360 Interactive Fitness, its employees and contractors. FIT360 Interactive Fitness may change its Privacy Policy at any time. This Privacy Policy was last updated in July 2016.