What is FIT360 all about???

At FIT360 Interactive Training we have progressive programming, based on Functional Training principles, create an electric atmosphere using lights and music, that provide proven results, in addition to physical and mental enjoyment.



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Excuses: we've all used them, and especially when it comes to exercising, every trainer has heard them all, including that you haven't shaved your legs....Long pants people, long pants....

But how are they limiting your life, and preventing you from achieving your goals? It's time to face these excuses head on, and grab life with both hands. So let's see how!

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How to stay motivated

So you've made the decision to make fitness an important part of your life. But what now? How do you stay on track to make sure that at the end of the year, you're still exercising? Let's look at how we can make this achievable.

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