With motivating, highly qualified and professional instructors, upbeat music, and a sense of friendly competition, members of any fitness level can enjoy the state-of-the-art workout experience that FIT360 Interactive Fitness provides.

FIT360 aims to bring sports conditioning and HIIT training to the mainstream fitness market and provide everyone with the necessary equipment, knowledge, and skills to train like an athlete. Our progressive training strategies ensure results in any and every facet of fitness, including strength, speed, agility, endurance, and flexibility, and our classes are so much fun you might even forget you’re working out.


Our Technology

FIT360 uses Pavigym’s revolutionary PRAMA 3.0 technology with touch-responsive walls and floors that light up and become part of the workout – as your target, your teammate and your competitor.

Designed after years of research with the aim of increasing workout efficiency and effectiveness, PRAMA 3.0 provides an unparalleled training environment and will be the basis for FIT360’s 100+ weekly classes. The progressive technology is based on Functional Training principles and enables us to provide members with not only physical and mental enjoyment, but also with proven results.

With PRAMA 3.0 everything is possible!

Our Gym

FIT360 Interactive Fitness offers an unforgettable and unique workout experience with the clever integration of sounds, lights and sensors, which stimulate the most responsive of human senses.

No matter what your level of fitness, from beginner to elite athlete, our full-service facility features a custom circuit designed for you to achieve all you desire.

FIT360 is all about diversity, so we not only cater for every fitness level, we also offer 30-minute express classes and 45 mintue fitness classes, including Mums and Bubs, Steady Steps for the older generation, and FunctionalFit, designed to make your body it's most efficiennt.

With PRAMA’s technology our gym comes alive to create an immersive, interactive fitness experience.


Our gym includes:

  • Pavigym Flooring and Functional Markings
  • PRAMA 3.0 Interactive Units with integrated LED lights & sensors
  • Six modes of Interactive Training Software, featuring over 500 exercises
  • PRAMA MOOD lighting & multimedia management
  • All the know-how to support and educate our members



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